“I Would like to express our gratitude towards all concerned parties who have assisted us in building our business over the years and bringing Sang Hing Civil Contractors Co., Ltd. to the remarkable achievement today.”

Operating Environment and Prospect

—In recent years, the overall environment in construction industry, from private sectors to government works contracts, has been reviving in Hong Kong. Our company, whose focus is on the public infrastructure related works, has also benefited from the growth of the industry.

—While the construction industry is booming, the overall operating environment will still be challenging and competitive in the coming years, particularly in terms of increased competition and higher operating costs. We will continue to concentrate  our expertise and experience in providing high standard construction works and related services. Being one of the most dependable contractors in the industry with full range of machinery and equipment, experienced management team and over a decade of renowned job experiences, we remain fully confident of the Company’s future development.


—I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to my fellow board members, management team, staff members, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners and, most important of all, our clients and customers for their support, commitment and patronage throughout the years. With your continuing support, we vision and focus to achieve new heights in the future.


Chairman and Managing Director

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